Smooth Entrance into the EU for British and other non-EU Entrepreneurs

  • 12 februari 2021

It has become obvious that Brexit has created a tremendous hurdle for British entrepreneurs who seek to continue doing business in the EU.
Those who promised them free trade did not deliver.

However, I managed to remedy this situation for a lot of British and other non-EU companies already by assisting them to set up an adequate subsidiary in the EU.
Providing a tailor made body corporate, which fits into the existing UK- and other foreign structure, which suits the requirements within the EU and which is domiciled strategically to best serve the object of the group, is what needs to be provided.

We also advise with regard to, after the incorporation, fulfilling statutory requirements, e.g. regarding administration, tax, personnel and bank accounts.
A pragmatic approach to ensure a smooth set-up and start in the EU.
And no, it will not be an overnight project, and yes, you have to invest time and funds. That simply cannot be avoided, whatever some advisors may suggest.

Please feel free to drop me a line at and let us see how to best meet your requirements.

Peter J. Fresacher,
Dutch barrister and solicitor,
DFLS Legal& Tax

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